30A Airstream Row- Seaside, FL

Think food truck, but better. Drumroll please . . . Let me introduce to you Seaside’s famous Airstream Row! This small town located on the Gulf of Mexico, otherwise known as a “coastal retreat with a southern accent,” is home to many of the world’s most famous airstream eateries. Ranging from granola to grilled cheese, BBQ to burgers, this small stretch of paradise has some of the best beachside comfort food. Keep reading for more details.


There are six different airstreams in the area, and we want to share with your our favorites: Barefoot BBQ, The Meltdown on 30A, Raw & Juicy, and Five Daughters Bakery.

Barefoot BBQ- “It’ll knock your socks off!”
Barefoot BBQ is home to a Grounds for Travel favorite, Brisket Nachos!!! We love their saying, “It’ll knock your socks off,” because the food leaves you speechless, but also because the beach is the perfect place to not wear socks. So they just do part of the work for you! Hello Chacos and flip flops. When you visit this super awesome BBQ joint be sure to check out their many different BBQ sauces- 4 to be exact. Our top two are the Hang Ten and the Wipeout, but also give the Hot Lava and Pipeline a taste if you’re up for it. If you aren’t feeling the whole nacho, brisket, BBQ sauce thing (who’s kidding this sounds like heaven), check out their pork sandwich and rock n’ mac n’ cheese or tasty corn-on-the-cob. A little insider tip for you? This is the place to get key lime pie. We know, we know. It’s a big statement considering is it Florida and all, but seriously their personal sized key lime pie is among the top three (and we know our key lime pies). Another secret resides in their tea. If you have southern preferences, absolutely order their sweet iced tea and squeeze just a little bit of lemon in it. Or, if you are like me and love being southern, but don’t always feel like sugar, get their unsweet tea. Either way, your appetite will be satisfied and your soul refreshed!

The Meltdown on 30A
The Meltdown is one of our newest favorites. After having tried the mozzarella, tomato, and basil grilled cheese, we had to go back for more. Our second take was just as incredible when we tried the Smokin’ Turkey, which has pepper jack cheese, sliced smoked turkey, bacon, avocado, and albuquerque sauce. Need I say more? If you want to take this airstream for a spin, look to the right of the iconic white post house, and you will find the universally accepted type of Meltdown. Keep in mind that this is a popular place, and you might have to wait in a line. But have no fear because this perfect beachside snack won’t take long, and before you know it, you’ll be making cheesy jokes with your friends and family. No pun intended, of course.

Raw & Juicy
Raw & Juicy is on the far right end of our beloved Airstream Row, and is known for living and eating “tasty honest organics.” This is the place you go after running around (maybe perhaps a half-marathon like Ally and I did), and need a healthy pick-me-up. One of our personal favorite is the Almond Love, which is a almond butter, banana, nut milk based smoothie packed with delicious protein. (These people don’t monkey around when it comes to taste.) If you need a little heartier snack, with a bit of a crunch, pick up one of their bags of homemade granola, or maybe a spring roll. Their spring rolls are made up of carrots, zucchini, fresh herbs, peanut butter, and an almond sauce. They also have an incredible kale salad that you do not want to miss. If you need to get away from the airstreams, but want to keep their ambiance in sight, Raw & Juicy has another location just across the street. If you go during the summer, check out their coconut bar. Bet you’ve never drank out of a coconut before it was chopped open!

Five Daughters Bakery

Five Daughters Bakery is the latest addition to our happy place. This incredible airstream is packed full of donuts MADE OF 100 LAYERS OF AWESOME. A personal favorite quote that I heard while we were here was, “Abs are great but have you tried 100 layer donuts.” In the Seaside airstream, Five Daughters has a special menu just for their beach goers. While we were there, I tried the strawberry glaze. Honestly, I wish I had another 100 layers of sweetness right here, right now.

In case you couldn’t tell, we love Seaside. It is one of the places we visited early on in our friendship, and now it is a big part of our Grounds for Travel story. We hope that you too will make memories in this sweet, little town. It has a lot of character. Be sure to tell us some of your highlights after you’ve visited! Just in case you missed our post the other week, be sure to check out our 48 hour itinerary called Seas the Moment! Thanks for reading! Remember- Experience culture. Be inspired. And Drink crazy-awesome coffee!!