BlendIn Coffee Club – Sugar Land, TX

This is real coffee. Sugar Land was late to the coffee game, but wow it was worth the wait. Certified by the Specialty Coffee Association, BlendIn is the city’s leader in craft coffee and has been making waves with the incredible variety of high-end, specialty coffee, the barista-approved classes offered every month, and its beautiful shop. If you are ever in Sugar Land, or Houston, or Katy, or literally any city in southeast Texas, you must visit BlendIn.

Atmosphere: (5 out of 5)

This shop is gorgeous. It is white from top to bottom, with subtle grey, green, and gold accents that pull the entire shop together. The minimalist touches combined with the succulents on every table and warm wooden touches above the bar create a welcoming environment for every coffee lover. The Edison lights and geometric shapes found everywhere from the light fixtures to the tables form a creative environment perfect for conversation or study. It is a small space, but they have maximized seating, and not one to skimp on the details, they have even placed outlets near every table for easy access no matter where you sit. It has state-of-the-art equipment and proudly displays its methods behind the bar where you can see that every step to make your drink is executed to perfection. A corner of the shop is dedicated to the artwork of local artists that rotate every month, so it will always look a bit different every time you visit. To the right of the shop is a glass room that is pretty much the holy grail – it is the dream coffee workshop. On the walls it has the coffee wheel, a projected screen with brewing ratios, and enormous bags of freshly ground coffee – everything needed to create the perfectly extracted cup of coffee and a cool insight to the coffee-making process.

Parking/Location: (4 out of 5)

The shop, which used to house a bank, is a little hidden behind office buildings. It has a sign on the side of the highway to direct you to your destination, but it can be easy to miss if you aren’t careful. It has a great location along Highway 90, a busy central road in the Sugar Land area. It has a pretty large parking lot right outside the shop, so there shouldn’t be any problems with finding parking!

Drip Coffee/Espresso: (5 out of 5)

They offer 12 single origins. 12. Yeah, it’s pretty incredible. If you aren’t sure what to choose (when in doubt, get them all), each single origin has a beautifully designed card that gives details such as elevation, tasting notes, and location to help you decide. To add to the incredible-ness and number of choices, they also offer 7 different methods for every pour over. From moka pot to v60 to French press to siphon, you can try a new combination every time you visit. Every pour over I’ve had here has been perfectly extracted. BlendIn is also a roaster, so you can be assured that every bean is fresh and has been roasted to perfection. I’m always biased towards African coffees, but especially at BlendIn, my favorite has been the Jasmine Blossom Ethiopian, it’s absolutely heavenly. This is the kind of pour over that could instantly turn a Starbucks fanatic into a craft coffee maven.

Scope of Menu: (5 out of 5)

In addition to their 12 single origins (I just love writing that), they also have a house blend, traditional espresso drinks such as cappuccinos and lattes, and even barista-created specialty drinks. They also offer cold brew and 6 different types of tea. If you have a sweet tooth (like me!) they also serve affogatos and offer a variety of gluten free and vegan bakery items including brownies, tiramisu, macarons, and muffins. They also have SCA certified trainers who teach a variety of classes. If you want to attend, be sure to sign up early! Link here. They also sell bags of each of their single origins and other specialty coffees and a variety of coffee equipment ranging from grinders to aeropresses to chemexes.

Pricing: (4 out of 5)

Probably the only slight downside to BlendIn is the price, but it’s worth it for the quality of coffee you will be served. You can get drip for $3.25, and the pour overs range from $3.25-$5.25 depending on the varietal. However, when you order a pour over, in addition to the cup you are also given a Hario coffee server which typically has enough coffee for 2-3 cups, so even though it is more expensive, it is great to share with a friend. The espresso drinks can range from $3.25-$5. Also, if you’re a frequent flyer, they also offer a rewards program, and after 10 visits you can get a free drink!

Staff: (5 out of 5)

This staff is extremely friendly, and for a coffee shop so dedicated to the craft, they are not snobbish. Instead, they are always excited to explain any of the processes or to just talk coffee. These baristas are incredibly knowledgeable, and even the most experienced coffee drinker may be able to learn a thing or 2 from their visit.

I wholeheartedly recommend BlendIn to anyone with an interest in coffee. Whether you’re an at-home expert barista or just the occasional Keurig drinker, you will find something to love about this specialty coffee shop. With an incredible coffee selection and a beautiful shop, whenever you’re in the Sugar Land area, you can’t miss out on this unique coffee shop.