United States Travel Bucket List

In honor of it almost being summer time for us students, we thought we would let you in on our bucket list cities to visit in the United States! We’ve already visited some amazing cities like San Francisco, Boston, and Seaside, but there is so much more that the United States has to offer! Check out our list of the Top 5 US cities we want to visit!

First on the list is Seattle, Washington! Home of Pike Place Market, the Space Needle, and coffee. Of course we will have to forgive the fact that it is also home to the big green monster, but hey, everyone has beauty marks, right? While we are here we, hope to visit Puget Sound, the Museum of Pop Culture, the Seattle Great Wheel, and Pier 57. Of course as we make our way through the city we will need little caffeine boosts, so the following shops are on our list of must-do’s: Stumptown Coffee Roasters, Milstead & Co., Slate Coffee, and La Marzocco Cafe.

Next up is Charlotte, North Carolina! We have never visited the Carolinas, and we think that Charlotte would be the perfect introduction to the beauty of these southeastern states. Charlotte looks like the vacation home of the adventurer, with countless attractions for sports enthusiasts and thrill seekers. As the largest city in North Carolina, we would be interested in visiting the Mint Museum, the U.S. National Whitewater Center, the Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens, and getting our caffeine fix at Rush Espresso Cafe, Smelly Cat Coffeehouse, and Hex Coffee Espresso Bar.

To continue our north-ward trend, we will head over to Anchorage, Alaska. When we get there, we hope to see the Northern lights. In order to do this, we will need to make our way to Anchorage, perhaps via dog sled! Seriously, you can have a mighty team of huskies pull you around. (I feel like this is the Alaska version of Texas bull riding.) The next thing we would like to do is check out the glacier and wildlife cruises. (Don’t worry, we will bring enough lifeboats.) Also on our list of things to do is kayaking through the Chugach Mountains, which is just outside of the city. And to wrap up our Alaskan adventure, we plan to take a Gray Line tour of Alaska, which is a train system that has a clear cars for sightseeing. After all, what is a trip to Alaska if not The Last Frontier. [Hint: Check this link to find out why Alaska holds this nickname.]

As we are obviously very inclusive of our favorite non-contiguous states, no United States travel bucket list is complete without a trip to Honolulu, Hawaii. We would love to relax on Waikiki Beach, go snorkeling in Hanauma Bay, and hike to Manoa Falls! The incredible history and culture of this beautiful island makes it a must-see destination (so if anyone out there wants to sponsor us on a trip to Hawaii, you won’t hear any complaints from us . . .). We could explore the Diamond Head crater, marvel at the gorgeous Iolani Palace, and visit Pearl Harbor.

Washington, D.C. is the last destination on our United States travel bucket list. Some of the things we would like to do here include visiting the Lincoln Memorial, the U.S. Capitol and the Library of Congress, the Vietnam Wall, and the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History. Another stop we will make includes Arlington National Cemetery and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier for the changing of the guard. Since D.C. is home to many historic monuments, we would like to do one of the “Washington DC Guided Night Tours.” And of course, we will be sure to summon our inner Leslie Knope if we see any famous politicians.

Have any other suggestions for cities or states that we should visit? Or maybe you have travel gear you would like us to try out? Leave a comment below, or message us on Facebook/Instagram.

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