Minuti Coffee- Sugar Land, TX

Minuti is an Italian style coffee shop with a dash of modern influence. The vibe you get as you walk in is both relaxing and hip, while also cultivating an environment to efficiently work or have enjoyable conversation. So if you are missing Italy or want a small taste of what it is like to be in the homeland of coffee, visit our friends at Minuti. In honor of Minuti’s roots and our own Italian coffee adventure, enjoy our review of Minuti Coffee and our favorite facts about Italian coffee!

Atmosphere: Warm and inviting, this eclectic coffee shop is a mix of urban and authentic styles. It’s typically not as crowded as other shops in the area, making it the perfect meeting place. With free wifi and plenty of comfortable tables and chairs, Minuti is a great spot for work or conversation.

Italian Coffee Fact #1: The first espresso shot was supposedly pulled in Italy during the 1900s, an activity that now fuels much of the country’s social atmosphere.

Coffee: As the sister company to Molinari Caffe, Minuti is the place for authentic, Italian coffee. Each blend is crafted abroad in Italy, and sent to the States for us to enjoy. While it won’t taste like your typical cup of coffee, Minuti brings a little taste of Italy to Texas. They also offer plenty of bags of coffee to take your Italian adventure home with you. From their Americano blend to Chocolate Hazelnut, they have authentic Italian coffee to fit every palate.

Italian Coffee Fact #2: An interesting fact that we learned while in Italy is that coffee drinks with milk are normally reserved for mornings. This practice is actually helpful with digestion, and a portion of what Italians consider to be essential to everyday health. So, if you are wandering around the streets of Europe in the morning, you will likely find drinks such as cappuccinos in a category called aperitivi (this means to warm the stomach before a meal). After eating, however, you will take a diestivi (meaning to ease digestion). This will be a single shot or double shot of espresso. (How fun! Coffee before and after a meal!)

Menu: The menu is quite broad in scope, ranging from “American Break” coffee to Nitro Cold Brew to biospresso (yes, we are just as intrigued as you are). [Hint: Biospresso is a healthy yogurt based espresso substitute to a caffeinated drink, and prevents the post crash.] Interesting fact, most Europeans are not fond of iced coffee, but if it comes in the form of a shakerato, then it is acceptable. Often times a cafe shakerato will come shaken and in a cute glass, and if you are lucky, with sliced fruit. Of course Minuti, being as true as possible to its roots, has the traditional espresso selections including a latte, cappuccino, doppio, macchiato, and flat white. In case you are a bit hungry, be sure to check out the beautiful pastries conveniently located near the register and the ever-enticing Italian gelato.


Italian Coffee Fact #3: A fun tradition that we hope to bring home is called Caffe Sospeso or “suspended coffee.” This is a custom that began in Naples, and is the act of buying coffee for a stranger to enjoy later.

Ever gallivanted around Italy, or somewhere in Europe? Tell us about your favorite shop(s), and must-have drinks! As always, tips on how/what to order are always appreciated!