Kaffee Alchemie- Salzburg, Austria

While we were in Salzburg, Austria, we had the privilege of visiting Kaffee Alchemie. This cozy little shop sits on the fortress side of the Salzach river, and is the first shop to bring real specialty coffee to the city. Led by coffee expert John Arild Stubberud, a Certified Judge for the World Barista Championship, Kaffe Alchemie is well-versed in the science side of coffee. John and his team are committed to bringing fresh, high quality coffee beans to Austria through close connections with producers from all over the world. Partial to single origins, Alchemie follows its coffee beans through every step, from cultivation to harvesting to processing, in order to ensure that every cup is of the highest quality.

In addition to using only the best coffee beans, Kaffee Alchemie also uses all the best equipment in shop, including a Mahlkoig grinder and Marzocco GB5 espresso machine. Kaffee Alchemie offers multiple different brewing methods, but they excel at the Aeropress. Honestly, this was our favorite coffee shop we visited on our last European trip. While there, we both ended up getting a Has Bean Coffee made with the Aeropress, which had tasting notes of cherry, cocoa, and allspice. In addition to their wonderful coffee, all of the baristas were so kind and helpful. Whether you’re a coffee connoisseur or a Keurig lover, every person at Kaffee Alchemie will make you feel welcome and are more than happy to answer any questions you may have about their coffee and processes. One thing you to take note of is the fact that they are open to speaking English with you. In fact, one of the baristas gave us some tips on things to do around their gorgeous city. This is a shop dedicated to teaching others about the amazing art and science of coffee, and we can’t recommend their shop enough if you find yourself in Salzburg!

If you want to take your Kaffe Alchemie memories back home with you, they offer a large selection of small batch, single origin bags of coffee. Each bag describes the origin, processing method, and more, giving you all the information necessary to choose your favorite coffee. The one we chose was called WILDKAFFEE ROSTEREI, Guracho from “äthiopia” (Ethiopia). The cool thing about this coffee roaster is that on the back of the label they tell you the story about the beans you are about to prepare for your cup, as well as the elevation, wash-type, varietal information, etc. As if Salzburg isn’t incredible enough on its own, we hope that this shop might be the cherry on top that persuades you to finally go. We promise you will not be disappointed if you find yourselves one day at Kaffee Alchemie sipping a crazy-awesome cup of something-or-another as you look out at the beautiful city. Who knows…maybe we will see you there!