Vits der Kaffee – Munich, Germany

On the southeast side of Munich stands Vits der Kaffee, an impressive third-wave coffee shop and roaster. This cafe has been serving the people of Munich since 2006, and they have created a reputation for themselves in the past 12 years as an expert on all things coffee. They offer classes for any up-and-coming baristas, including one for latte art and another on how to make the perfect shot of espresso. With all the coffee methods, coffee beans, and massive burlap coffee sacks displayed on the walls around the cafe, you know they’re serious about their craft.

Vits’ menu is just as you’d expect, with many rotating choices of coffees available from regions all around the world. When we visited, they offered coffees from Panama, Burundi, Tanzania, and Kenya, but they switch up their coffees often, so there will always be something to suit any taste preference. In addition, next to each coffee is listed the tasting notes, so you know exactly what you’re getting from every glorious cup of coffee. I tried the coffee from Panama, which had floral and lime notes. If you’re planning on taking a visit, check their website here to see their latest selection! Also on their website, they highlight a coffee of the week! This week the spotlight shines on a coffee from the rainforest region of southwestern Ethiopia.

But the experience doesn’t end with their coffee. While at Vits, also be sure to check out their food menu. They offer numerous sandwiches, pastries, and desserts. We got the cheesecake (because who doesn’t love cheesecake?) and thoroughly enjoyed our selection!

This casual cafe is the perfect place for a break in your busy day exploring Munich! It’s a short walk from many major sites, including St. Peter’s Church and the Viktualienmarkt, so if you’re in town, be sure to check out Vits der Kaffee!

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