The American Press

Since its creation in 2015, the American Press has surely exceeded its designer’s expectations, which started out as a graduate physics project in search of a better way to make coffee. Often mistaken for its french counterpart, this sturdy bodied mechanism has proven to be unparalleled in its cup-to-cup functionality and in the complexity of its final product. But why would you choose something so contemporary when given the opportunity to uphold a nearly-100 year old tradition? Well, our thought process is simple. While the French Press offers the ever-so-nostalgic processing accompanied by seemingly full bodied oils, the American Press leaves you with more than the suggestion of great coffee. Through its pressurized extraction and highly controllable pre-infusion (similar to pulling off a killer bloom), the consumer is able to transform their morning routine into full-blown, professional experience in a matter of seconds.

Welcome to the American Press.

You will need:

  • American Press
  • 23 grams of medium drip grind coffee (similar to a V60)
  • 345 grams of water at 205 degrees Fahrenheit

Step 1: The Daily Grind

To get the American Press ready to brew, simply grasp the handle and slowly pull out the pod, lid and plunger. Open the pod by twisting the textured pod top and pod bottom. Once unscrewed, fill the pod with your choice of 23 grams of medium-grind coffee. While there is room to adjust the grind size to your preference, we recommend staying away from finer ground coffee because the fine grinds will resist the water flow and may cause trouble for your American Press. [Pro-tip: When there is too much water resistance, you create over extracted coffee, while too little resistance results in under extraction.]  After filling the pod with the right amount of coffee, screw back together the pod bottom and top portions and set the plunger assembly upright (the round shape of the plunger has a tendency to roll around when placed on its side if you’re not careful!)

Step 2: Water you waiting for?

Once the water reaches approximately 205 degrees, fill the carafe with the hot water. Place the plunger on top of the carafe and press the lid to confirm that it is completely sealed. [Note: the American Press has measurement lines pre-printed onto the mechanism, so you do not have to worry about making exact pours.]

Step 3: Pre-confusion? No, pre-infusion

Next, press down firmly on the plunger just enough to fill the pod with water. [Pro tip: stop pressing the plunger when you see a little bit of coffee start to emerge from the pod.] This is when the coffee starts to de-gas and you will see it start to bubble like after the first pour of a chemex. Wait 3-4 minutes, or less depending on personal preference. This part of the process is similar to the bloom you will find with other methods.

Step 4: Hot off the Press

After the pre-infusion is complete, begin to press the plunger down. The entire press should take a minimum of 30 seconds. Once the press is completed, pour yourself you hard-earned cup of coffee from your American Press!


Happy Brewing!

For more information and inspiration for other parameters to experiment with, visit this website!


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